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The followings are brand products  of LPP; they are carefully selected products for professional cleaning. They are produced by Berner Oy and are named "Profi". These Profi series are well known in Finland and many cleaning companies and private households use them. They are briefly presented below:

Profi Yleispesu

pH 7,5-9,5

It is good for all water-resistant surfaces and for daily cleaning. Also, it is suitable for surface cleaning of waxed floors.  

The Material Safety Data Sheet is available in the Finnish version of this page

Profi Hapan

pH 5,5

It is a weak acidic cleaning chemical for sanitary purposes. It is suitable for all water-resistant surfaces and it gives glossy appearance without drying to the cleaned objects.

The same as above

Profi Metallivaha

pH 8,5

It is a high gloss and metallised water wax; it is durable and it dries quickly. It can be used by the HS or SHS methods.

The same as above.

Profi Vahanpoisto

pH 12,5


It is a wax remover cleaning agent; it is very use for removing different kinds of waxes.

The same as above.

Profi Nestesaippua

pH 6,0


It is a liquid handwashing soap. This product contains glycerol, which manages and moisturizes the skin. The product is gentle and its pH is close to the skin's natural pH level.

The same as above.

Profi Konetiski

pH 12,0

This is a low-foaming liquid dishwashing detergent; it is also suitable for the dispensing machines (that is equipped with medium-hard and soft water conducive). Meanwhile it is not good for ALUMINIUM DISHES.

The same as above.

Profi huuhtelukirkaste

pH 7,0

This chemical helps to rinse the dishwashing machine. It reduces the drying time of the machine after use.  Also, it is good for dishwasher equipped with automatic dosing tools.

The same as above.

These chemicals are available in our shops; please contact us to order for them.

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